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Brand introduction

Introduction to Our Brand
Guangzhou Mountain Lion Skating Facility Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. Its main product is the Cougar line of roller skates, sports helmets, protective equipment, skateboards and other accessories. Mountain Lion is an enterprise which integrates the functions of research and development, manufacturing and sales.                                                                               

Our Company’s Promise
Our company promise is to carry through the principle of “Advancing with the times, forging ahead”, to never cease in the research and development of products to meet the needs of both the international and domestic markets.
Sales Network
Our company’s sales network carries our products to the markets of the various big and medium cities in China. We also export our products to over ten countries and regions.
Value for Money
Our Cougar line of products has always won customers and consumers over with how it gives great value at a low price. It has also been affirmed by the roller skating community in general.
Guiding Principle
“Prioritising our brand, placing our customers above all” is the guiding principle for our company’s operations. To ensure that our products are completely free of defects is our goal.
Brand Culture
The quality of our products is the bedrock of our brand. Our brand seeks to ensure the quality of our products. Our company continues to increase the awareness of our employees about the importance of upholding our brand and the quality standards of our products. We hope to internalise the concepts of service and consumer interests, so as to build a Cougar brand culture which is unique and special.
Continuous Innovation
We innovate ceaselessly by integrating the demand originating from both international and domestic markets, and by following the trends in the international markets. Our company implements the strategy of developing, manufacturing and storing different generations of products, so as to satisfy the demand from different periods of time, different regions and different clienteles.
Quality Guideline
“Forging ahead through innovation, building up the Cougar brand; Seeking excellence, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers”